465 Grand Street 4C NYC 10002

tel. 917-916-1617  / 917-669-1617


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Mount Tobias

The house is a sustainable single family home built to passive house standards sited on the hillside of Mount Tobias in Ulster County, New York. the water flowing over and under the property runs directly into the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) water supply land. Elevated on a platform to minimize the site impact, structural piers support the house volume and limit disruption to existing site drainage. The piers also limit the required excavation and removal of existing trees.

The steel frame platform of the house is anchored by a partially submerged concrete mechanical room. a single gabled volume created from several prefabricated structural insulated panels (SIPs) rests on the elevated platform. Based on a traditional longhouse typology, organized around the main central public space, the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on either side of the main space. Photographs by Amy Barkow.







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