IDSR, Cultural

Miguel Abreu Gallery, Eldridge St



Miguel Abreu Gallery


Lower East Side, New York City, USA


Art Gallery, exhibition space, book display, publishing offices, viewing rooms, art storage


743 m / 8000 sf


Completed 2014


Lars Fischer, Maria IbaƱez, Todd Rouhe, Rachel Himmelfarb, John Buonocore


Miguel Yanez


Rodney D. Gibble Consulting Engineers


Jim Conte


The Lower East Side is known for its relatively small gallery spaces, particularly when compared to other art neighborhoods in New York City. However, gallerist Miguel Abreu found an 8000 sq.ft. industrial loft space on Eldridge street and made plans to expand his Orchard Street operation to facilitate larger exhibitions and installations. The existing conditions feature a hybrid structure of exposed wood and steel braces spanning over a stamped concrete floor plane; a former parking garage.

The renovation focuses on the ceiling as a crucial element of the gallery environment. An alternating pattern of bare fluorescent lamps and LED track lights are incorporated into the exposed timber joists which have been painted white to disperse the reflected light. The rhythm of the ceiling architecture leads visitors through a sequence of gallery spaces designed with cinematic precision offering a variety of options for mounting exhibitions at various scales. The program includes two main exhibition areas, an intimate viewing room, and extensive art storage. Miguel Abreu Gallery is also home to Sequence Press, a publishing division of the gallery, bringing books, lectures, and events related to contemporaryĀ philosophy and the arts to a gallery audience.