IDSR, Cultural

International Center of Photography, Bowery St



International Center for Photography, Charlotte Cotton, Curator-in-Residence


Bowery, New York City, USA


Photography museum, exhibition space, book sales, cafe, common space, projection and flexible exhibition system


720 m / 7750 sf


Completed 2016


Lars Fischer, Geoff Han, Maria Ibañez, Todd Rouhe, Rachel Himmelfarb, John Buonocore


Art Domantay ArtWorks


Jim Conte


Bertrand Cavalier, Amanda Kirkpatrick


In 2016 The International Center of Photography museum redefined its image by moving its exhibition spaces to the Bowery just down the street from the New Museum. Taking advantage of their new street frontage, the ICP museum created two types of cultural spaces—a large street-level common area and two white box gallery arrangements. The common area is open to the public and serves as the front of house to the exhibition spaces beyond. A lightweight infrastructure of painted tubes was installed throughout the common area to identify the programs that overlap and share the lobby space: a ceiling-mounted ring and central post establish an extended area for book display and sales; in the cafe a floor-mounted rail for sitting and talking creates a place for a casual meeting and also positions the ‘real time’ clock installation by David Reinfurt a wall mounted rail system provides a flexible substructure for hanging, viewing artwork and public presentations.

The aluminum tube system frames the entire space of the common area while also defining more specific zones of program and activity. Between and around the infrastructure, tables and benches created from the same aluminum tube material provide the opportunity for collective meetings or individual use. For the graphic signage of the museum, the font is set large. Information in the museum unfolds as the museum-goer navigates through the space. Signage includes an entrance wall, wayfinding maps, locational markers, directional signage, room signs, and a timeline of events.